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International Bilingual School (IBS) is a private school with more than 250 students from kindergarten to high school level. The school has a total of 43 employees, made up of 26 teachers and 17 administrative staff. Founded in 2009, IBS aims to offer high quality, bilingual education to children of both Senegalese and expatriate families. It is located in Liberté 6 Extension/Sacre Coeur 3, a few minutes' walk from the VDN highway. The school is authorized by the Ministry of National Education via a ministerial decree since January 2015.
IBS started with only 34 children in 2009 with nursery and early reception classes and has grown astronomically to over 250 students in the current school year and continues to grow. IBS has 3 classes in the nursery section, six primary classes and 7 secondary classes.
It offers the Senegalese national curriculum, but reinforced by elements of the British/American programs based in English, while computer literacy are introduced from the early stages of nursery and primary. Students actively engage in sports and physical education, together with other basic subjects. Our classes are kept to a maximum of 25 students and have both a class teacher and an assistant. The entire school is organized in three sections: the preschool section, primary section and college section. All classrooms are well ventilated and on top of that, the school has a computer lab, a plastic art studio and well-equipped play areas. Each of the three sections is led by a qualified and experienced teacher, combining knowledge of the national curriculum with years of teaching experience.
The section heads, as well as the school director constitute the school faculty team. IBS has an excellent reputation in Dakar for providing high quality education in a child-friendly environment. Being a bilingual school, it is determined to place the child at the heart of everything and also make it a place where learning is exciting, the values of life are learned and everyone is respected for the person they are.
The teaching staff are made up of qualified teachers, though a rigorous internal staff training program ensures that they are familiar with our academic approach and methodology. IBS was sponsored by the British Council on a "Connecting classrooms project" which paired us with Newtown Primary School, Exeter in the UK. This project aimed to make joint study programs on education and global citizenship.
The school welcomes children from a very wide variety of nationalities and cultures. 

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  • Villa 237 Liberté 6 Extension, Dakar, Senegal
  • BP 25408


IBS seeks to enroll students of good character and demonstrated academic, sport and cultural ability and achievement. Our vision, as a Group of schools is to develop our students to become global achievers. Students who want to take advantage of the opportunities for growth and development and who will bring a broad range of backgrounds, talents and interest are encouraged to apply for a place at this progressive high school.
We admit students from any ethnic, cultural and linguistic background as our methods are well tailored to helping students learn from a culture or language that is not theirs without losing their own individual identity. Our school is unique in the sense that it gives the student the capability of being able to speak and work in both French and English throughout his entire school period and beyond. We assist the English speakers acquire the French language skills and vice versa.
Admissions for a particular academic year begin from the month of June and due to our philosophy of not exceeding an average of 25 students per class, places are very competitive. Prospective students should therefore apply as early as possible.
For a more detailed information, it is advised to contact the school office.
We would love to see you or hear from you!

Enrolmnent Information

Enrolmnent Information
(Autorisation no. 01401/MEN/DEP/MS/ndsd du 30/01/2015)
Lot No. 237, Liberté 6 Ext. & Villa 55 Sacre Cœur 3 VDN (Section prescolaire)
Tel : 33 898 0816/ 78 231 6697/77 335 01 59, BP 25408, Fann                                                                                                                                          E-mail: , web:

Répartition des frais scolaires pour  2020 – 2021 /Fees schedule for 2020/2021
Il y a trois modes de paiement possibles pour le règlement de la scolarité, qui sont repartis comme suit:
There are three fee payment options available as follows:
Mode de paiement mensuel/Monthly:
Tuition Fees
TOTAL à l’inscription
Maternelle & Primaire
Nursery & Primary
50 000F50 000F50 000F150 000F
Collège : 
65, 000F     55 000F60,000F 
Mode de paiement trimestriel/Termly:
Tuition fees
TOTAL à l’inscription
Maternelle & Primaire     Nursery & Primary50 000F50 000F140 000F240 000F
College65 000F55 000F170 000F290 000F
Mode de paiement annuel/Annually:
ClasseInscriptionUniformesScolarité TOTAL à l’inscription
Maternelle & Primaire Nursery & Primary50 000F50 000F450 000F550 000F
Collège 6è – Tle65 000F55 000F550 000F 
670 000F

Autres charges scolaires/Other fees :
Activités sportives/Sports activities :  10 000F per an/year
Sorties pedagogiques/Excursions : 12 000 per an/year
Activités culturelles & sociales/Cultural & social activities : 12 500F p/an/year


1.Sacre Cœur 3 VDN, Liberté 6, cité CPI, SIPRESS, 
25 000F
2.Sacre Cœur 1, 2, Liberté 1-5, Ouest Foire, Mermoz, SCAT Urban, HLM Grand Yoff, Liberté 4-630 000F
3.Nord Foire, Parcelles Ass. Unité 15-26, Liberté 1-3, Fann, Ouakam, Baobabs, Yoff, Dieuppeul, Castors, HLM 4, Diamalaye, Grand Dakar, Amitié 335 000F
4.Point E, Medina, Fass, Parcelles Ass. Unite 3, Golf, Pikine/Guediawaye, Almadies,Mamelle, Camberene, Hann Maristes, Dalifort, Dakar plateau… 
40 000F
Tarifs cantine scolaire/School canteen 

(Maternelle & primaire/Nursery & Primary)

 1Repas + 1Goûté/2 meals25 000f70 000f235 000f
(Pour College)

1Repas + 1Goûté/2 meals27 500f80 000f265 000f
Les pièces à fournir/Required documents :
  • 02 photos d’identité/02 passport sized photos
  • Extrait de naissance ou fiche d’état civil/Birth certificate
  • Pièce d’identité d’un parent d’élève/Parents’ Identity card
  • Certificat de scolarité de l’ancienne école/Former school transfer certificate
  •  Bulletins scolaires/School results sheets
  • Carnet de vaccination à jour (pour les moins de 7 ans)/Vaccination card (for less than 7 years old).